I will answer that question but first I want you to think about something. Lets say you are deemed “not essential” but you are scared about this virus. They say “two weeks to flatten the curve”, that will hurt financially, but you want to help. But two weeks never ends, then comes the layouts. Lets say you had a an emotional problem, but you were working, making a living, you had spending money, things that kept you stable. That is all gone now. Landlord wants his money, he need his money, you know that, but no one is hiring for what you know how to do.

You can see the low death rate but you cant understand why they are acting like catching COVID is a death sentence. You just want it to stop, you want you life back. You have done nothing wrong, why are they treading you like a criminal? You savings are now spent, credit cards racked, but still they keep it up, now you must put on a mask to go to the store to buy things you have no money to buy. And the guy forcing this on you is having a party without a mask or social distancing.

You have reached the end, but you don’t want someone to clean up the mess. So you go out on the lawn with the only thing you have no pawned. You put your 45 to your head and pull the trigger. It is all gone, the pain, the stress, the anger, the fear, all gone.

How bad is COVID now?

Not for your friends and loved ones, no, they have new pain added to the stress they are going through. And Gary Herbert? More unconstitutional emergencies over a 99.98% death rate. Now do what you are told he says, as he heads off to another no masks fundraiser.

Gary Herbert does not give a damn about the people of Utah. He is pure evil, as he has the nerve to social shame the people of Utah. He tells you that you are not a good citizen unless you do what he says. Gary Herbert has anointed himself King. In the name of everyone who has lost hope and every family member of the lost, and everyone who is loosing the mental battle……….

Damn you to hell Gary Herbert!

I am sure you will have a long life in your ivory tower, and I have no doubt that none of this will bother you because you do not have a soul. Eventually everyone has a day of wrecking, you will one day be forced to answer for what you have done.

If you have read this and you are still waiting for an answer, screw you. No words I off will get you to understand because you are as bad the King, look at your life before you wind up like him.

Finally, if I have described you in this, if you are reaching the end. DON’T GIVE UP. You feel alone but you are not, hang in there because we need you. Reach out for help and don’t go through this alone. He cannot get away with it forever. Stay in the fight, you will love how this turns out.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Resource Center – Utah

John Galt’s Blog signing off from the Gulch, stay with us my friends.

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