First of all, this is not a lesson on how to do it, this is a commentary on the world today. Is it correct? Missing something? You decide. But how would you do it? Well, one person can’t, it is way to complex for that. Also, it will take many years to pull it off because you need the courts, government, education system, and media. It is too big for one person, it takes a party, but I will not say who, that part is up to you.

Step 1 – You need professors to teach law, journalism, politics, and education, to students looking to go into the said professions. You do not teach both sides of an argument, you teach one side and your opinion. You do not teach them to think, you teach them to feel and recite what you say, slogans, political dogma, and create social justice warriors. This will take many, many years but they will cause generations to believe as you do. Now that you have reconditioned minds and taught correct ways to think. They will do the next phase of the work. It will spread like, oh, I don’t know, a virus.

Step 2 – You bully, shame, silence, dox, discredit, lie, and force people to think as you do, whatever it takes, the ends justify the means. You must make people see that it is not worth it to speak out, go along to get along. Kids will force parents to comply by withholding the rights to see them or grandkids. The media and courts and government will aid in this. Word meanings will be changed, right will be wrong, and vice-a-versa. In other words a fundamental transformation of America.

Now we get to the actual year that you steal the election.

Step 3 – This will take much of the year, at least 9 months. You need a major catastrophic event. This must be something that will frighten as many people as possible. It must be something nebulous that you can’t really see. In Gorge Orwell’s 1984 it was wars, the problem is that today in the US we have the internet and talk radio. Making people believe war is happening when it is not, is not easy, but a virus is. Around the first of the year, you announce a scary virus with scary projected death rate. Give everyone a short time frame to put themselves under house arrest, give it a catchy slogan, something with duty, and with hope, like 14 days to flatten the curve, then you watch. If they comply then you know that they are malleable and will be compliant with the next steps. Every year we have new viruses so you just inflate the danger, just a small lie.

Step 4 – You will need to control local races, your virus cover will help with this, primaries cannot happen. Voting must be online where people will not have confidence. Several candidates in a race will help the one you select get elected. Your state and perhaps the US constitution will need to be ignored, but it is for our safety. By now they understand that government is a friend, just there to help and would never lie to them.

Step 5 – You need to harm the small business owner as much as possible. They will be the least dependent on government handouts, you need to change that. Make them the last back to work, gyms, spas, salons, things like that. The virus lie is perfect for that. You say that hospitals are overrun and we need to slow it down. You need to shut down religion, the foolish and weak-minded will go along and not stand up, the ones that resist must be forced into compliance. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, there will be a rise in suicide, substance abuse, and domestic violence, this must be downplayed, ignored. People will be slow to return to church when opens, this can be assisted by regulation. Schools must be first to close and last to open and when open many restrictions must be in place. Many parents will decide to home school, which will result in fewer people in the workforce and that will harm the economy.

Step 6 – You will need an event that will cause distrust in the judicial system and law enforcement. Any event will do, take something in the middle of the country, and magnify it. Violence and riots will take place, if not manufacture them. But they must have a limit, people must have time to cool off before the election. Too much violence will tip the scales in your opponent’s favor. Inflate death numbers, keep talking about how many deaths, have a daily death count, and at this point slowly pivot to preventing people from getting the virus, talk about a vaccine. People will think that getting the virus is a death sentence. Push social distancing, remove the basic human connections. beguine to start pushing for more testing, the more you test the more cases you will find the worse it will seem.

Step 6 – You will need a way to gauge how effective you are. People will not stay locked down forever, you must give them a sense of freedom. Do this in exchange for something to show they are compliant, like say, a mask. Easily visible, plus you can virtue shame people who are not compliant. You will be surprised how many will do it just to taste freedom. Call it a law, in most cases, it will not be, the media will assist in spreading this lie. Legal professors will twist words to say it is legal “the government has the right to enforce masks in an emergency”, they will not mention that it is a mandate and not a law or that it was not passed by the legislators.

Step 7 – Americans have always been team-oriented. You must channel that. All US sports must force fans to turn away from it. They will take an unpopular position that goes against the majority of the fans, the fans will stop watching. You cannot keep sports shut down or you risk a revolt, the fans must choose to turn away. Now that need for team sports can be channeled into politics. They will pick teams and verbally battle each other, violence will break out. Now you are ready.

Step 8 – You must try to stop live voting, you must create as much doubt as possible. You must have suspicious ballots turn up. You must have fraud and suspicion of fraud. You must convenience people to ignore what they are seeing and trust one side, your side. You must paint the other side as a crook, if you have no proof, make it up, repeat the lie over and over again.

Step 9 – Endless recounts, lawsuits, 2000 election times 1000, make it so people just want it to end.

Step 10 – If the voting does not go your way, say the other side cheated, repeat step 6.

You just stole an election.

So reader, scared yet? How do we fight this, we don’t! Stand tall, stand firm, do not comply, Shop where you do not need a mask, avoid the mask Nazi (link below), and the most important part, DO NOT GET VIOLENT, if you do, you are part of the plan.

Covid Cost Us

John Galt’s Blog signing off from the Gulch, stay free my friends.

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