Latin for “thus always to tyrants”. This phrase is most famous in the US because it is what John Wilkes Booth said he shouted after shooting President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. However, it was recommended by George Mason to the Virginia Convention in 1776 to be used as the Virginia Commonwealth Seal. The people of the United States of America have never been big fans of Tyrants. Is that true today?

John Wilkes Booth Shoots President Lincoln

Many thought that John Wilkes Booth had a point. President Lincoln violated the constitution by illegally suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus. History will never know how that would have played out have Lincoln not been assassinated. However, that is nothing compared to what some US Governors have done in 2020, not even close.

Admittedly Utah’s Governor Herbert is not as bad as the likes of Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, and others. Nowadays the media is quick to blame everything on the right, but we now know that the Michigan plot to kidnap and murder Governor Whitmer was by people who were anti-Trump and pro Antifa. Ironically the left and the media blame Trump for inciting it, as though the actions that they took were not a factor. When you act like a King, Tyrant, or Dictator, you will push people who are on the edge of stability over that edge.

That plot should have been a wake-up call, but unbelievably, some Governors, like Governor Herbert are so power-hungry and see themselves as Kings that hey ignore that warning. So let’s focus in on King Herbert, he has on more than one occasion, violated the constitution. He continually gives us messages that are valid threats. He is a master at virtue shaming and spends who knows how much tax money on it. How much are the mask ads costing us? Like any good King, the “mandates” don’t apply to him and his royal court.

So what do the subjects do that want out of this without an all-out revolt? Let’s face facts, Herbert’s guy, Cox is worse than Herbert. It will be terrible if he gets in, I have said this before and I am saying it again, it would be better to have the democrat rather than Cox. Here is why The Democrats will not take control of the legislative branch. Skinwalker Reyes will not do anything to investigate Cox, but in a strange twist of fate, with a Democrat in as Governor, we may find out all the dirty things Herbert and company have been up to. As a bonus Reyes may do his job with a Democrat, I know it is a long shot but we can hope.

On the Covid Cost Us website there is a list of legislators who have signed the joint resolution, if your legislator is in red, hound them, tell them you will not vote for them unless they sigh. To hell with what the news media says, sign it! Stop playing Herbert’s game, educate your self about the damage masks do, stop putting on your symbol of compliance. Take your freedom back peacefully so you don’t need to do it with force. Just don’t comply and live your life.

As for Herbert’s latest lie, take a look at this website, and if you don’t believe it, call your local hospital and ask them.

John Galt’s Blog signing off from the Gulch, stay free my friends.

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