Some say that everyone should vote, should they? NO! One of my wisest moments as a youth was also my greatest regrets. I could have voted for President Reagan in his second term election. I did not vote that year, that is because I did not care about politics and was not informed. As the Late, wise, poet, author, and drummer, Mr. Neal Peart said, ” you can choose not to decide but you still have made a choice”, RIP NP.

People like to say that Utah is a red state but it really is not. In Utah Democrats call themselves Republicans to get elected, talking about you Mitt Romney. In my lifetime there has not been a Conservative Governor, some got close, but it has been trending more RINO since Leavitt. King Herbert? The man has never seen a Democrat policy he did not love. Here is a voting tip, if you don’t want your Governor to act like a king, stop voting for RINO’s

Now that brings us to a problem. There are lawsuits in the works against the Governor, LT Governor, Mayors, Health Department, and so on, in the works right now. The current Legislators in Utah have made it so that GRAMA requests are all but impossible, gee I wonder why? What are they trying to hide? But that is for another blog post. If Cox wins it makes it easier to get at the information, emails, and nonsense that they are hiding. Think of the other states that have that stuff that exposed. Utah, it would seem, is just doing a better job of protecting themselves.

Now the large elephant in the room, write-ins, for the most part, they don’t work. Sad but true, could be lazy voters, misspelled, incorrectly filled out, or many other reasons. Now if you were in a primary, and your voters did not select you, take the hint! Otherwise, you are splitting the vote? You are only going to get the opposite party elected. Don’t run around playing the victim, saying voters did not understand, or that it was a conspiracy, you just were not right, so go away.

Having said that, the Governor’s race is a different story. Let’s look at all that was wrong with it. First off, the Conservative(ish) vote was split, there is one candidate that had no shot at winning and should have dropped out very early on, more on that in an upcoming post. The crossover voters, for the love of masked sheep, when will the GOP in Utah fix that loophole, (future post on this as well) do they like it because it helps keep RINO’s in office? You simply cannot say we have a mandate at 30% of the vote.

So what are your options? Choose not to decide? Play it safe and vote for Cox? Write-In? As discussed, if you don’t vote you are voting for the winner, no matter who it is. Every indication is that Cox is going to be as bad if not worse than Herbert. Write in only works if everyone does it.

If you are going to sit it out you are probably not reading this anyway so let’s toss that out. Sometimes we overthink things, we think “well not enough people will write in so it will fail and we will elect the Democrat”, yes I know I just said that. That is the risk, it could happen, but then on the other hand, what is the difference between Cox and the Democrat? Truth in advertising? Do you really think that Cox will let us out of Red, Orange, or what ever the COVID mood ring says that week? Not without a court order, he won’t. You want your freedom back, take it back, take a risk, trust that your fellow Utahn is as sick of this nonsense as you are.

You know what? I think I just talked myself into a write-in. Since this blog is my thoughts and opinions, I am OK with that. Think long and hard Utah, your freedom is at stake.

John Galt’s Blog signing off from the Gulch, stay free my friends.

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