What do you think? Can a governor make money on it? is Governor Gary Herbert making money on COVID19? To be fair it is not just Herbert but he needs to show us his stock portfolio over the past year. What has he bought and what has he sold?

How can he make money on COVID? Well, the stock market. Now we are not going to get into the questionable expenditures that the Utah government has spent, such as the COVID tracking app. we are going to focus on how a governor could contribute to and directly affect a stock price.

People put on masks because they think it is a law, they are shamed into it, or they think it will help. But when asked most people don’t like it. As you drive around, look at your fellow motorists, most do not have a mask on, now look at your fellow shopper. Do you like to put on a mask? Bet you don’t. So you can order what you need on Amazon, in many cases, get it the next day, why put on the mask and go to the store.

Now a governor “mandates” masks on shoppers and kids in school. Many parents have decided to homeschool to avoid the mask nonsense. That makes ordering online much more convenient. Why kids in school? The experts are telling us that they are the least likely to catch it and spread it, could it be that Herbert wants parents to home school? Guess he does not care about losing federal funding for that.

We know that Governor Herbert is integrity challenged, he did admit that we did not need an extension of the state of emergency but that he did not want to risk the federal government hand out. A hand out that we would not need to have we not done the shutdown.

Take a look at this graph, saved 10/4/20

Let’s break down the graph. In early March we were told we would have a 2-week lockdown to “flatten the curve”. 2/18/20 is a high point at 2153.10. You can see a dip and the lowest point is 3/16/20 at 1689.15. The value stays under 2000 until 4/7/20, well past two weeks. Then they start pushing masks and continue to do so. Governor Hervert is spending tax money on advertising to shame people into using masks. The high is 9/1/20 as states started to open up, consumers are returning to local shopping.

So Governor Herbert, tell us what stocks you have bought and sold over the past 12 months. you need to show us that you are not playing games with our lives and our tax money.

John Galt’s Blog signing off from the Gulch, stay free my friends.

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